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So, when my i Phone X arrived last week, I did something I never had: I started using an i Phone as my personal phone.

It's not surprising that men and women value different things in the workplace, but employers aren't necessarily paying attention to the details.Shortly after powering the phone on, it came time to decide if I wanted to use Apple’s “Switch to i Phone” utility to set up my i Phone X. I started downloading my apps, and as I waited, I began to delete those on the i Phone I knew I wouldn’t use.The whole process of transferring things just sounded cumbersome, and I never trust utilities like this to do a good job. There’s something a little liberating about being able to fully, completely remove many of the stock applications - something it took years of griping from users for Apple to allow.I walked out of the store with my dinky little flip phone feeling defeated.Sometimes I would go on AT&T’s website and look at the 3GS some more, only to once again face the cold, hard reality that I did not have 0 - plus sales tax and activation fee - to spend on a phone.

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